2012 Food A-Z: Q is for Quail Egg Shooters

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Quail’s Eggs are so pretty, I knew I wanted to make them my Q photo (plus, what’s the alternative? Quiche?). But they ain’t cheap, so what to do with them once I’ve photographed them?

A quick Google led me to this recipe, which I may very well be rolling out on Christmas morning.

  1. Finely chop some smoked salmon or crispy bacon, and some chives.
  2. On a plate, make a small mound of sea salt for each egg you are cooking
  3. Get some water boiling in a large pan, and carefully lower in the quail eggs. Boil vigorously for at least 20, no more than 30, seconds.
  4. Remove and immediately plunge into cold water.
  5. Nestle each egg into its mound of sea salt, and chop the top off the egg with scissors or a sharp knife.
  6. Top with the salmon-or-bacon and chives, and serve.

To eat, knock them back in one. You might need to give the shells a little squeeze to get all the egg out. These probably aren’t suitable for pregnant ladies or the other people who need their eggs hard and their steaks well-done.