This happens every year. I go great guns on my first two or three letters, and then grind to a screeching halt. More often than not, said halt is because I get half an idea stuck in my head for the next letter, and obsess on that, rather than looking at other angles. Delta” presented a few ideas; the concept of difference, which I discounted as being too close to my idea for Echo; river deltas, but we don’t have any of those in England; I even considered a foray into film to shoot this letter using Ilford Delta, but that felt like too much of a project in itself. I ended up back where I started, at the first word association that popped out of my head. You say Delta”, I say Blues”.

I dislike clothes-shopping intensely so when I find something that suits me, I stock up. My jean of choice is the Levis 512, button-fly, bootcut, and apparently discontinued. I have (I think) 8 pairs, half of which are packed away at the back of a cupboard, stockpiled for a future where the 512 is no longer available and I am hopefully still a 32″ waist. The four pairs here are at various stages of distress, ranging from never-worn to barely-serviceable.