I’m more of a carrot person than a stick person. Consequently, most Mondays I find myself taking a trip down to the coffee bar at work to buy hot drinks for my team, who have completed their timesheets by my draconian and unreasonable 10am Monday deadline. As it is tricky opening lots of doors and negotiating stairs with a tray full of drinks, I consider taking the lift to be justified, and every week, I stand in the lift with a tray of drinks (usually two teas, three hot chocolates with caramel or hazelnut and a juice of some kind), look into the infinite reflection and think about how I’d photograph it.

I was trying for two things here. Literally, an echo is sound reflected, so doing something with reflection seemed like a good way to go. But also, I wanted to capture that sense of an echo as something left behind; a remnant of the no-longer-present. Hence tripod, cable release, a half-second exposure and some funny looks from the cleaners.

I am so far behind schedule. And I don’t even have an idea for Foxtrot yet.