One of the reasons I am so very, very far behind on this year’s alphabet is that, rather excitingly, we’re expecting a baby. He’s actually overdue now, so one way or another I will definitely be a father this time next week.

The Wife knows what she wants to call a daughter (it has been decided for some time, apparently), but as we’re having a boy, I get some skin in the name game. I’m fond of Apollo (middle name Creed), Anakin, Ulysses and Tyrannosaurus. Unfortunately, we had to rule these last two out because of the excessive sibilance when combined with our surname.

We’ve had a long shortlist of names that we’ve been trying out on the bump. Oscar is one of them, although it’s pretty low down on the list now, I think.

Lighting this shot of Karen on her birthing ball was a right pain, and I ended up with loads that weren’t sharp, or that were horribly underexposed. At some point I really need to investigate proper indoor lighting options - sometimes an anglepoise lamp and a foil-covered cake board just doesn’t cut it.