Our summer holiday this year was in Croatia, just south of Dubrovnic. We had terrible weather - on one afternoon we had the equivalent of three months’ rain. We got stranded in a bar, which would have been fine, except the bar then flooded and they stopped serving for fear of electrocuting themselves.

In an attempt to escape the (apparently very localised) weather, we took a boat trip to the Elafiti islands which included, for lunch, a choice of Delicious Sandwich’ or Fish Picnic’. Most people went for Fish Picnic. It was delicious; I can’t speak for the sandwich.

If you ever go to a seaside resort in England, they make a point of telling you not to feed the seagulls because they’re vicious scavengers who will nick your icecream and peck out your toddler’s eyes. The chef on the boat took great delight in casting the remains of our picnics into the sea, attracting these flocks of hungry gulls.